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Baby Makin' Butch

Angry Black Dyke
They ask me what i'm writing for, i'm writing to show you what we fightin' for. - Talib Kweli
academia, activism, allison hinds, angela davis, anti-capitalism, anti-colonial, anti-homophobia, anti-homophobic, anti-imperialist, anti-oppression, anti-racism, anti-racist, anti-racist education, anti-sexist, anti-war activism, astrology, audre lorde, barbara smith, bell hooks, black, black cats, black children, black feminist thought, boondocks, boy dykes, boys, brian mcknight, brown girl brownstones, buffy, calypso, caribbean, carnival, carole boyce-davies, carolyn cooper, cats, challenging privilege, challenging the status quo, challenging whiteness, chandra mohanty, cocoa tea, creamed coconut, csi, decolonization, diasporic hybrid, diasporic studies, displacement, dumpling, dyke, dykes, eating, erykah badu, exile, feminism, feminisms, feminist, flying fish, food, fuck liberalism, gender, gender studies, genderfuck, genderqueer, girls, gloria anzaldua, grrls, guava, hardough bread, healing, hip-hop, home, home girls, hope, hybridity, internet, intersectionality, james baldwin, jazzyfatnastees, jerk chicken, jill scott, juice, kamala kempadoo, lauryn hill, left-wing, linda carty, love, love jones, loving, makeda silvera, mango, marlene nourbese philip, mary j. blige, matrix, migration, my family, pacifism, patties, paule marshall, pelau, politicizing, pro-choice, pro-porn, pro-sex, queer, queer theory, queers of color, r&b, race, radical militant black lesbian, reading, reggae, revolution, rhoda reddock, rice and peas, roti, rum and coke, sade, sarah jones, soca, socialism, softball, sorrel, speaking out, speaking up, star trek, survivor, tablet, tamarin, theorizing, theory, third-world, tomboys, trans issues, transnational identities, transnationalism, tupac is alive, unionizing, uppity negroes, west indian, woman of color, womanism, women, women of color, women's studies, writing, xena, zadie smith, zami